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A striking piece of art, sent to us by a NIRS member, illustrating our anti-nuclear foundation. With GreenWorld this year, we were able to expand our focus to include regular and reliable information on developments in the clean energy arena.

NIRS launched GreenWorld a year ago this week to provide a new means of communicating with our members, clean energy activists, the media, legislators and regulators, energy professionals, and the public at large across the globe.

We wanted to be able to break stories, track trends, and highlight studies, reports, and other work that isn’t suitable for press releases, Alerts, and our other traditional means of communications. As an anti-nuclear organization, we have decades of experience and undisputed expertise on nuclear issues. But we wanted to expand our focus to include more of what we are for: a clean, safe, affordable and sustainable energy system.

Our goal is to produce a credible publication, one that appears with some frequency–usually at least a few times per week–that can help explain and clarify the rapidly-changing world of energy production, primarily electricity generation. We want to expound on the virtues of a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy system and shed light and provide solid backing on the reality that such a system is now achievable–a view held not only by NIRS, but by an increasing number of energy experts throughout the world.

We also want to expose the failures of the increasingly desperate nuclear power industry, and provide readers with information on its strategies and tactics to save itself–at the expense of people everywhere and the global environment.

Whether we are succeeding in our goals is for our readers to decide. One indication for us is that our readership has increased substantially over the past year, and we appreciate that. But we also welcome your comments and feedback on how well we are fulfilling our mission. How often do you read GreenWorld. How often do you share GreenWorld articles with others? Do you cite GreenWorld in your own writings? How can we make GreenWorld serve you better?

You can leave a public comment, or you can e-mail us at and let us know privately (anonymously if you’d like) what you think. We hope you’ll take a moment to do either one.

Below, in order of popularity, are links to the ten most-read stories on GreenWorld over the past year. If you missed them, check them out. What strikes us is their diversity: there are three pieces on major investment banks that released reports this year hailing renewables and predicting a bleak future for nuclear power. There is a piece on probably the most significant nuclear-related event of the year: the accidents at the WIPP radioactive waste site in New Mexico, as well as an article on the official underestimations of the consequences of the Fukushima accident.

There is an article on a major development in U.S. radioactive waste policy. A guest post by three Japanese scientists debunking assertions by climate scientist James Hansen that nuclear power should be expanded to address climate change was popular. Two pieces asking your opinion: on the idea of setting up a clean energy PAC and on whether there should be a Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Contingent to last September’s Peoples Climate March, reached the top ten. We did, of course, decide to make a major effort to organize that contingent, and we were ecstatic with the result of thousands of us rallying and marching through the streets of New York.

And finally, the most popular story of all was our breaking the news that key executives of the Entergy Corporation were selling large amounts of their stock in their own company–not exactly a ringing endorsement of the company’s prospects. We actually followed that up with a subsequent story documenting more such stock sales by Entergy executives. Given the large number of reactors Entergy owns that are in danger of early shutdown due to their poor economics and impending costs of long-needed safety improvements (as well as ongoing serious safety issues not being addressed by Entergy or regulators), and the reality that the stunning and continuing growth of clean, safe and affordable renewables is threatening nuclear reactors everywhere, and we’d be jumping ship on Entergy stock too–if we owned any.
Why are Entergy executives selling their stock?

Goldman Sachs sees a solar future for the U.S.–and that has nuclear utilities running scared.

Within 2 years, Deutsche Bank says rooftop solar will be the cheaper option for everyone

The WIPP story: it is now and will be a saga…..

Citigroup: The revolution will not be televised

A Modest Proposal: We need a clean energy PAC

IPPNW/PSR critique finds UNSCEAR underestimated Fukushima health effects

Poll: Anti-nuclear presence at September 20 NYC climate march/rally?

Guest Post: nuclear power is not the answer to climate change mitigation

NRC rejects effort to move radwaste from pools; Macfarlane issues strong dissent

Thanks for reading during this first year of GreenWorld! We’ll do our best to provide you with the news and information you want or need in this coming year; your feedback will help us do that even better.

Michael Mariotte

January 6, 2015


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