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Tough Mudder Training Tips

If have decided to take on the Tough Mudder obstacle course, you have decided to take a true test of strength, stamina, and mental endurance. Becoming a Tough Mudder is going to challenge your body in ways you never imagined. If you are going to accept this challenge, you are going to need to train to prepare for the event. These Tough Mudder training tips can help you get ready for the big event and even gf9 hgh reviews highly recommend all these tips to all the bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Running Hills – You Must Run Hills!

Tough Mudder is designed to challenge your body in every aspect possible. There is going to be a lot of running and running at an incline. You want to train your body to prepare for the difficult terrains of the course. In order to prepare, you are going to want to do some basic running. You want to start easy and push yourself further each day. Aside from basic running, you are going to want to do a lot of hill running to prepare for the inclines of the course. Start small with small hills, then slowly move on to more challenging hills as you go. The inclines on the course have been compared to running mountains, so the bigger the hills you can find to train, the better.

Cardio – Lots of it!

As we have mentioned, there is a lot of running involved when doing the Tough Mudder course. Just like any event, you can always benefit from doing cardio training. Cardio training helps prepare your body as a whole and can be beneficial to prepare for any event that is going to test your body’s limits. Cardio workouts can be done in variety to prepare you using our Tough Mudder Training Tips. You can get your cardio through various types of workouts from running to kickboxing.

Strength Training – Especially Back and Arms ( Upper Body )

Tough Mudder is going to test your strength limits so strength training is going to be key when you are training for the event. You are going to want to do strength training on all the different muscles in your body. The course includes crawling, running, jumping, and climbing. So you are going to want to focus on training your arms and legs. You can avoid all of these mistakes by following our Tough Mudder Training Tips!

Running can be a great exercise to strength train your legs, but it is not going to be enough. You can do strength training that focuses on your legs through various workouts and you are going to want to take advantage of them all. You are going to want to use weight to train your legs. If you own a gym membership, there are plenty of machines that allow you to work your legs. If you don’t have a membership to a gym, you get do various strength training workouts for your legs such as squats and lunges. You can also combine cardio with leg strength training by bicycling and elliptical training.

Your arms are going to be used a lot during Tough Mudder, so you want to make sure you dedicate a lot of time to strength training in your arms. You want to train with free weights for general muscle building. You are also going to want to train old school through basic pushups and pull-ups. Just like leg strength training you can combine cardio and arm strength training by power walking with weights. Tough Mudder Training Tips that are practical are usually the best.

Tough Mudder Training Tips – Train 8 Months Before Race Day

When you are training for Tough Mudder, you want to remember that in order to see results and fully train, the body has no limits. There is always room for improvement, no matter how good of shape your body is in. If you want to see a change, you have to keep pushing your body beyond its normal limits. If you find yourself comfortable with certain weights, you want to go higher to push your body to these new limits. Tough Mudder is all about pushing your body’s limits and pushing these limits is the best way to train your body for the event. 8 Months is recommended.