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Weight Training Program For Women

Strength or weight training is mostly practiced by men. However, gender is not a factor anymore in most endeavors that were previously just suited for men. Similar goes to fitness as females takes center stage to perform their lifting abilities.

There is actually nothing wrong if you see women doing strength workout routines in your local gym. It’s basically part of their exercise program. Some women though are over-serious about getting fit, where they even participates in contact sports such as MMA. Just ask Ronda Rousey.

If you are a woman and you are so bored about your regular exercise program, would you consider strength training? This type of workout will give you tons of benefits but it also have its risks. Read on to learn more about how weight training program really works for women.

Things to Know about Weight Training Program for Women

Like any other physical activities, weight training offers much more benefits to your body. It won’t just help you slim, but it will effectively tone your muscles, make you stronger and will get you in shape more quickly than any other workout. Zuzana of BodyRock.tv is a fine example of a weight training female enthusiast.

Unfortunately, most women are not confident enough to plunge into this kind of workout. Maybe because they misunderstood its benefits, through the idea of developing undesirable bulky muscles that are not perceived to be “beautiful” by most people. It’s a sure turn off seeing your girlfriend to be much more muscular than you.

If this sounds like you, then you have nothing to be afraid of. Getting bulky is your own choice but you can certainly practice weight training thru different approach that will give you similar benefits without disfiguring your body. If you overweight or want to trim down your abs, lifting weights can solve those problems easily.

How you can benefit from strength training? First off, women have higher fat accumulation in the arms, buttocks, thighs and around the middle area. What is worse is that, this fats are stored right inside the muscles which makes it difficult to get rid of. Aside from weight loss surgery, the only natural way to shed this fats is thru weight training. Lifting weights works directly with your muscles which helps eliminate those unwanted fats.

This is the reason why lifters have leaner, toned and muscular body parts. Burning those fats will greatly constitutes to weight loss, shrinking your arms, belly and other fatty areas of your body.

However, lifting weights doesn’t have similar effects for both males and females. Men can lift weights doing the same intensity as you which leads to bigger muscles. It is totally difficult for women to experience the same muscle development because the fat content in the muscles are significantly reduced.

Practicing weight training will do much more for you than your regular exercise routines. It will burn more calories than your average cardio exercises such as cycling, aerobics or running. Plus, lifting weights won’t just burn calories during workout, it will continue to burn more calories for a few hours after your actual lifting session. This means that it also increases your metabolic rate which leads to an effective weight loss program.

Other benefits includes stronger upper and lower body, good posture, improved stamina, boost immune system, reduced risk of bone diseases such as osteoporosis and improved heart health. Doing weight training can easily provide weight loss magic into your fitness program.

Summary on Weight Training Program for Women

Weight training is a great workout that you can try on your next fitness plan. Male or female, you can definitely achieve the many health and weight loss benefits of weight training. But before you start your lifting endeavors, make sure that you are medically approved to lift weights. If you have existing or previous health conditions, lifting weights are not the best choice for exercise. Consult your doctor for medical approval.

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