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What Is Pottermore Sorting House Quiz?

Imagination is something that can lead you to anywhere that your heart desires. You are not bound to be somewhere where you cannot be; you don’t have any struggles or any chains that would bind you to a particular place. You can fly, be a dragon, take your dog on the beach or go somewhere where it is summer or somewhere where it is winter, basically anywhere that you want to be. 

This is why imagination is said to be the key point where you can do anything. It is where ideas emerge and where we can think great. Any major invention that you see today is a work of someone’s imagination. Although we can’t imagine things like how great authors think, we do catch a glimpse of that while reading the book. 

What about JK Rowling?

JK Rowling is one of the greatest authors of all time. Rejected 10-14 times for her first book turned into a movie that earned millions of dollars; we all know what Harry Potter is and what Hogwarts is. 

Harry Potter is one such book that has rivaled the bible as the best-selling book in the work. It is one of the greatest pieces of fiction ever created, and there won’t be anything that can match the power it has. The fandom is also one of the biggest in the world. If you want to know more, you can take the Pottermore sorting house quiz to determine where to stand in this house. This is because every other fan wants to know what they are capable of in the wizarding world. 

Why take the Pottermore sorting house quiz? 

With the help of the internet and the technology that we have right now, we have actually reflected much of what we can imagine in books, games, TV shows, movies, and whatnot. To think that such a story as Harry Potter existed in someone’s imagination, long back before it was ever published, is something to think about. 

This is why we immerse ourselves in movies and shows such as these. Now, when we talk about things such as butterbeer, wands, the boy who lived, Salazar Slytherin, and where are my shoes? We do remember the most epic story ever created. 

There are things inside that we can’t even fathom as to what the world of Harry Potter would look like in reality. But, we don’t need to worry about such things because we do have games. Also, in the world of Hogwarts, we know the four houses exist, which was ultimately the point of the story. 

But, all these four houses host completely different personalities, and they have completely different heroes and villains. No to forget that Draco, however cute or handsome you might think he wasn’t so good with spells and the practice against dark arts. And then there was Peter Pettigrew, the most cowardly Gryffindor to ever exist in Hogwarts. So, while you take the Pottermore sorting house quiz, make sure to input the real you.